PhDr. Radomíra Gilarová, Ph.D.HR AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ADVISORYDevelopment of people, teams and organizations

About me

About me

Accredited Coach, EIA Master Practitioner (EMCC)

I believe in people and support them in discovering and using their potential.

I make sure they find their purpose, good solutions, and win-wins.

I offer individual and team coaching.

I follow the code of ethics:

I am a member of EMCC.

Accredited Supervisor, ESIA (EMCC)

I view supervision as a safe space for a dialogic reflection of coaches and leaders.

I guide them through various situations of their practice.

I support their ethics and professional standards, wellbeing, and continuous learning & development.

Senior Consultant for People Management & Development

I build on the long-term consultancy practice in foreign and Czech organizations of different sizes. 

I use my academic background in social and organizational psychology. 

I continuously learn and expand my knowledge.

Certified Practitioner of We Invest in People Standard

I use the know-how of the unique, internationally proven Standard Investors in People. 

I am convinced that investment in people is paying back and bringing multiple effects.          

I help organizations to MAKE WORK BETTER.

Experienced Lecturer & Facilitator

I emphasize effectiveness in learning and development. 

I awake and strengthen people's abilities to learn, grow and improve their qualities. 

I respect different learning styles and preferences. 


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