PhDr. Radomíra Gilarová, Ph.D.HR AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ADVISORYDevelopment of people, teams and organizations

About me

About me

Senior consultant for people management and development 

Building on the long-term consultancy practice in foreign and Czech organisations of different sizes. Using my academic background in social and work psychology. Continuously learning and expanding my knowledge.

Certified assessor of the Investors in People Standard

Using know-how of the unique, internationally proven Standard Investors in People. Convinced that investment in people is paying back and bringing multiple effects.          

I help organisations MAKING WORK BETTER

Experienced lecturer and facilitator

Emphasising effectiveness in learning and development. Awakening and strengthening people's abilities to learn, grow and improve their qualities. Respecting different learning styles and preferences. 

Professional accredited coach, EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)

Believing in people and supporting them in discovering and using their potential. Making sure they find good solutions and win-wins.                                                          

I follow the ethical code                                            

I am a member of EMCC

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